Player Registration

England Hockey has now taken responsibility for all hockey leagues in England. To control these leagues they have introduced a new Game Management System (GMS)


GMS registration is a matter of urgency. Remember any player not registered cannot play in any league game until they do.

Any player aged 13 and above will have to register themselves with EH before they can play in any league game (Under 18 players will have to be registered by their parent/guardian). The first league games are on the 18th Sept so time is not on our side.

From Monday 6th September you will be able to register with EH.


All club players must sign up to GMS if they are going to play in competitions organised on GMS. This includes all adult league matches and junior competitions that are run via GMS. The system will start to form a player’s hockey history across all the games they play for any team or club in hockey. It’s the start of a much better digital provision in hockey nationally and locally and we need all players to be there from the start. This is also the method for team officials for matches, eg coach, manager, sports therapist, to sign up


The process is slightly different for players over 18 and those under 18. The process for players signing up is as follows:

Players Over 18

  1. Go to and click ‘Register’

  2. Select ‘player’, add your details and select your club (get this right!)

  3. You’ll get a code sent so you can proceed

  4. Complete your full profile

  5. Wait for approval from your club

Players under 18 must be registered by a parent

  1. Go to and ‘Register’

  2. Select ‘parent’, add your details, select your club (get this right!)

  3. You’ll get a code sent so you can proceed

  4. Complete your full profile including the details of your players

  5. Wait for approval from your club


(Note that when players are 18 full profiles can be created and transferred to player)

Please note Teamo remains unchanged and we will be using this for our main method of communication with members

New members will need to also register with Teamo using this link:

If you have any queries please contact me either through the 'Contact' option on the website site or send me a message through Teamo.

This is a completely new IT system from EH and from my experience there will be some issues/problems to sort out. If a problem does occur please be patient and I'll try my best to get it sorted asap.

Dennis Hooton

Club Administration Officer