The full set of rules for the Yorkshire and North East Hockey league can be access by clicking on this LINK.

A summary of the main points can be read below.


I want to draw your attention to Regulation 6.1.2: "Clubs MUST undertake a risk assessment for venues they use."  The Regulation also contains a link to a new document, Planning Hockey Safely.  It's 15MB, so I can't e-mail it to you, but the link is here: and also in the SLR.  Please update your Risk Assessments, using this document, as soon as possible.  If you want to play any matches under floodlights, please ensure you have considered the difference between floodlit matches & daylight matches as part of your Risk Assessment.  This includes occasional midweek matches.

b) START TIMES (Regulations 6.3.1-6.3.4)

Grade 2 (Yorkshire & North East Prem & D1):

1130-1500 (1430 Nov-Feb) can be set without checking with opponents.

With suitable floodlights start times up to 1630 also included.

Regulation 6.3.3: "Consideration must be given to opposition travel when scheduling fixtures & the Div Sec has the right to request changes".  If your opponents agree, the Div Secs probably will, but they (or Anne Bowring in their absence) will have final say on that, not me. 

Anything outside those times (like 0930) will be fine if the opposition, Div Secs & Officiating Committee agree. 


Grades 3-5 (everyone else):

1000-1500 (1430 Nov-Feb) can be set without checking with opponents.

But (6.3.3) "Consideration must be given to opposition travel when scheduling fixtures & the Div Sec has the right to request changes".  As a rule of thumb, start times between 1000 & 1100 we're thinking should be local games (less than half an hour journey for your opponents).  Or you can contact your opponents & see if they agree to it.  The Div Secs have the final say on whether to allow it. 

With suitable floodlights start times up to 1730 also included. 

Anything outside those times (I know some of the ladies' divisions prefer playing on Saturday mornings) will be fine if the opposition & Div Secs agree.


Regulations 5.2.1 & 5.2.2 cover giving other teams start time & venue.  For now, whilst we get everyone onto the GMS, we expect teams to give their opponents at least 10 days' notice of start time & venue, by e-mail.  This period will get longer once everyone's on the GMS, so some clubs will need to get into the habit of planning matches further in advance.

Teams in Grade 2 need to get start times & venues on the GMS at the earliest opportunity, to allow the Officiating Committee to plan appointments.

d) GMS

Is now available for Club administrators to start registering on GMS.  Club & Team Admins (including Secretaries, Fixture Secretaries & Captains) need to take some training before using it.  Information on the GMS & training is available here:

All divisions should now have 1 or 2 contacts listed for them on the GMS.  Tony Walker is the GMS Manager, the other contact is the Div Sec.

e) Umpires

This season, the Regulations are changing.  The default (Reg 11.1.1) is that the home team will provide both umpires.  The away team has the right to say they will bring their own umpire, or teams may still mutually agree to provide 1 umpire each.  Clubs are usually good at working together to make sure games have suitable umpires, discuss the issue when you confirm the fixture time & venue so both teams are clear who is providing the umpires.

f) Transfers

Transfers will be done by GMS once players are on it.   New season transfers, this year, do via e-mail: contact the player's previous club by e-mail, copying in your Area League Manager, & that club must follow Regulations 7.7.3-7.7.4.  Once the transfer is approved, the player can be registered on the GMS for your club.

Players can play as soon as the ALM has approved the transfer; allow time for transfers to be completed, do not expect an answer on the Friday for a Saturday match.

g) Teams

Boston Spa has withdrawn its men's 3s from Dale 2;

Wakefield Wanderers has withdrawn from Moor & Dale 1 (W);

so those fixtures are void.


Any questions, contact (note new address), & I'll pass your query on to your Area League Manager.