Teessiders Match Report

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Teessiders v Shrewsbury, Quarter Final O40s Trophy

An early pitch inspection suggested a playable surface by lunchtime if the dark clouds didn’t unload.
Instead of PC practice our squad busied themselves with sweeping the pitch along the sheltered side-line.
With half an hour to start time the clouds opened again and provided a light dusting of rain and hailstones.
As Shrewsbury jogged round the pitch we continued sweeping.

The unusual warm-up seemed to pay dividends as we had much of the early play and created a few half chances.
Gary Ferguson was involved early with a pass to Mike Lakinski who was tackled and got a long corner.
Chris Shaw found Mike on the left and his pass to Gary led to a saved shot and another corner.
Gary passed across goal and it was cleared.
Derek Moore collected the ball and won a PC, but hit his shot wide.

Shrewsbury seemed to play very deep and it was difficult to shoot in the crowded D.
They did break swiftly with the long ball held up by the forwards for the midfield to quickly support.
One shot hit the corner of the post and was cleared by Stu Aucott.
Another break saw a hit across the D and Paul Saunders watched gratefully as it just missed.

Davy Hall was picking up loose clearances and driving forward but was fouled. 
Not always the safest option against Davy.
Dave Skirving found Derek who got the ball to Olly Smart who was fouled.
Shrewsbury were good at breaking down play but we made it easy with many wayward passes.
When we passed badly we were on the wrong foot and they attacked behind the midfield who had pushed up.

Davy found Olly who dropped the ball wide to Dennis Hooton who won a PC.
Gary’s flick at goal was stopped on the line with a foot and after Jeremy Hall consulted, a PS was awarded.
Gary scored. 1-0 (19 min.)
Derek got free a number of times but nobody could get on the end of his crosses.

A Shrewsbury PC was cleared strongly by Mally Teasdale.
Olly had a reverse stick shot saved, and another PC was cleared by Shrewsbury.
Peter Morton was covering a lot of ground in midfield but one mistimed lunge led to a PC.
The strike wide was deflected into the net to quiet the crowd.
Appropriately scored by Matthew Sillence. 1-1 (32 min.)

Dennis crossed and the resultant PC led to Olly shooting just wide.
Davy found Dennis in the D and he hit wide.
After having plenty of possession we were only level.
Forcing the ball, wrong choices, and giving their players too much time to play.
We were disappointed at halftime. 
Second half started brightly with Dennis, Mike, Derek and Gary all in good positions but failing to convert.

Shrewsbury broke down the right, the cross was half stopped by our defence and Steve Parnall flicked the ball over Mally. 1-2 (38 min.)
Minutes later a hammered cross from the left found the outstretched edge of a stick.
The ball bounced across the goal and Steve flicked in his second past the wrong-footed Mally. 1-3 (40 min.)
Shortly after, another break led to a strong hit that Mally saved. We were shaky.

Stu went off to protect his calf and Matt Payne passed to Gary leading to yet another foul.
The umpires were finally tiring of the persistent slowing down of the game and in the second half gave Shrewsbury three green cards.
Another Shrewsbury PC led to a shot stopped by Mally, Leigh Brown swept away to Gary and we broke forward again.
Marty Harrison was working hard to get the ball in midfield and one move out to Dave then Mike led to a free hit.
Peter Morton won the ball high up the pitch and Derek shot wide.
Derek, to Peter Morton, to Davy, led to a reverse shot that created a PC that came to nothing.

Another Shrewsbury break led to Mally saving.
Chris Shaw was getting forward and hit one shot wide.
Marty, Peter, Gary, to Mike and out.
Some players were tiring but as they had 14 to our 16, we were confident of outlasting them.
Peter found Gary just outside the D, he turned inside, and creamed the ball under the keeper. 2-3 (55 min.)

Dennis had another chance in the D.
Peter Cowley made a last ditch tackle on one of their breaks and sent Marty away, his pass to Dave, progressed to Gary who won a PC.
The passing around eventually fell to Chris who gleefully lifted it into the middle of the net.
Unfortunately as it was the first shot, Tim Dunn disallowed it. 
Peter’s legs were feeling the effects of not having help from gravity without a slope, and Leigh replaced him.

Marty won a PC as the defender hadn’t retreated from a push. Derek’s hit was deflected away for a corner.
Marty found Mike in front of goal and he got a PC, Derek wide.
As Shrewsbury fell further back their breaks were less.
Davy, to Gary, to Marty won a PC.
Gary converted! 3-3 (68 min.)
Full time!

Straight to PS.
We went first and scored our first three.
Their first was wide and their third was well saved by Mally. 3-1
Davy scuffed our fourth and they scored their fourth. 3-2
Marty slotted home our fifth and they couldn’t win. 4-2

An exciting game, well contested, with excellent discipline shown by Teessiders under some persistent niggling.

Cannock, Purley, and Epsom are the other semi finalists.
We expected the two London clubs and the two northern clubs to be drawn against each other.
We were also due an away game.
It was pleasant surprise on Monday.
We play Epsom at Eggy on 6th March, Mothers’ Day.