Teessiders Match Report

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Pawnbroker Davy Hall gets a cannon.

The weather once again was kind and warmer than expected.

Despite Mothering Sunday having a pull it was pleasing to see so many supporters.

We competed well in midfield with Marty Harrison and Matt Payne winning tackles, but our passes were too long.

Gary Ferguson found Dennis Hooton in the D but the ball bounced away. Andre Bailey got free in the D and Mally Teasdale kicked the strike clear. Another save led to a long corner and our clearances just kept coming back. Successive PCs were cleared and then Marty got a green. Another PC was finally converted by Alt Murrell. 0-1 (5 min.) A PC was cleared away and a run by Olly Smart led to him being taken out. Our free hit was cleared.


Steve Turnbull was causing problems on the right and Stuart Aucott was doing well to stay close to a player who is not 40 until July. He drilled the ball into the D and Ian Davidson deflected the ball into the net. 0-2 (10 min.) Mike Lakinski and Dennis couldn’t hold on to the ball in the D but won the occasional hit just outside. 

Peter Cowley and Paul Saunders were making last ditch tackles but finding it difficult to clear safely. Our passes were still not precise and Epsom seemed to intercept easily. Andre Bailey again picked up the ball and drove into the D. His flick nestled in the bottom corner. 0-3 (19 min.)


Richard (I don’t believe it) Wilson was given a green, and shortly afterwards Peter Morton. We began to find men and gain some control for the first time in the game. Gary found Mike in the D but it rolled onto his foot.
Gary and Marty were available for each other. One promising move started with Leigh Brown winning the ball, to Gary, to Marty and down the right Dave Skirving won a long corner. Peter Morton was robbed on the top of the D but the attacker hit just wide. Matt won a tackle and found Gary, to Dave, to Olly whose hit led to a PC.
Epson were delaying by complaining and we got the impression they were tiring. Gary’s PC flick hit the upright and bounced clear.


Matt missed a tackle and the forward sprinted into the D. Mally and Peter saved but the ball rolled onto Peter’s foot. The PC was cleared.


Olly was again fouled just outside the D. Matt intercepted a high pass and sent Gary away. His pass was picked up by Derek Moore but hit a foot. Olly was given a yellow card for a sliding tackle deemed dangerous by Tim Dunn. 


Half Time 0-3


We were creating more chances as we applied some pressure, but still relied on good defending to prevent further goals. Their attacks down the right slowed as Davy Hall and Chris Shaw worked hard, and Peter Morton marked Andre Bailey out of the game. One brave tackle by Davy led to him having three balls in his shorts. As he laid in pain on the ground, concerned coach Geoff Bunn passed on the opportunity to offer assistance. Davy couldn’t understand why players were smiling. 

Marty to Den just missed. A speculative cross found Sean Curran free. Their oldest player at 58 had two attempts saved by Mally before it was cleared. In another attack their PC was cleared off the line by Matt. Mally made another save. He was keeping us in it. 


Peter Cowley, on a rare sortie up the field, found Gary. His little pass to Olly in the D was converted with a reverse sweep. 1-3 (44 min.) Gary set up Marty and Davy but both chances were lost.


Epsom still created chances, a ricochet missed, and 4 PCs were missed or defended. They were slowing down the game, taking time with the corners to get their breath back. Derek to Gary to Olly was stopped.

In the last ten minutes, Marty and James Harris clashed in a tackle and Chris Blogg gave both a yellow.


Gary won another PC which Derek hit wide off Mike’s stick. Another Olly run was stopped. Three PCs in a row were cleared. One slip to Den hit Olly’s foot.


Full time 1-3


A competitive match which we lost in a 20 min period of the first half. Despite battling hard and having chances to get back into the game we were beaten by a stronger, and younger team. Good luck to Epsom who have had all their ties away this year. They play local rivals Purley who beat Cannock on flicks. Both teams should be able to drum up plenty of local support for the final in the Lee Valley. 


Thanks to Mike Wood acting as TD. He was kept busy with the timing of players given cards.


We have had another serious challenge for the Trophy but the disappointment gets worse. Thanks to all the players available but not selected.